Monday, January 18, 2010

Personalised Number Plates

The persons who are more craze  about cars will definitely look forward to have a cherished number for it and if you too a person in search of it! Northumbria Numbers will help you to own a Cherished personalised number plates for your car. Northumbria Numbers is one of the well known companies in UK, offering their service to the people since 1995.

Not only you can buy a personalsied number plates from them, but also you can sell, if you own a cherished number and willing to make a good and valued money for it . With their well developed and user friendly site you can purchase and make your own number plates with the numbers purchased from them. They allow us to take a tour of their huge database which holds lots of private numbers, that helps us to select a one that suits our wish. In the past decade they have already satisfied thousands of customers with their private number plates and if you want to be one among them, then don't hesitate just visit their site to own a personalised number plates.

They have recently announced their first DVLA number plate auction which is scheduled to take place on Jan 27th to Jan 29th 2010 at The Haycock Hotel, Peterborough. To know more about their auction visit their site personalised number plates.

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