Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Australia vs Pakistan 2nd Test Match, Day 3

At the stumps of Day 2's play Pakistan were 331/9 in 96 overs with Danish Kaneria 2* and Mohammad Asif 0* and 104 runs ahead of Australia.

In Day 3's play Pakistan added just 2 runs to their board and lost their last wicket Danish Kaneria with 4runs at 96.5 overs and Pakistan ended their 1st innings as 333 in 96.5 overs. For Australia Bollinger took 4 wickets, Johnson & Watson each took 2 wickets and Siddle & Hauritz each took 1 wicket.

With trailing by 106 runs Australia started their 2nd innings with S Watson and P Hughes. The opening pair played very well, 50 runs came for Australia in 16.6 overs and Watson got his 50 off 100 balls with 6-4's & 1-6's. At lunch break Australia were 86/0 in 29 overs with Watson 51* and Hughes 31*. Then 100 runs came for Australia in 30.6 overs. Danish Kaneria came with the ball to give the 1st break through and got Hughes wicket, who went out with 37 runs at 31.6 overs and Australia went 105/1.
Then Australia lost their 2nd wicket Ponting with just 11 runs at 41.2 overs and Australia went 144/2. At drinks Australia were 149/2 in 43 overs with Watson 92* and M Hussey 4*. After drinks break 150 came for Australia in 43.2 overs. And it happened again to S Watson who missed his Century this time too, he missed it by just 3 runs short for it. He was the 3rd wicket with 97 runs at 45.5 overs and Australia went 159/3.
At tea break Australia were 199/3 in 56 overs with M Hussey 34* and M Clarke 17*. After tea 200 runs came for Australia in 56.6 overs . Then Australia lost their 4th wicket M Clarke with 21 runs at 61.5 overs and Aus went 217/ 4. M Hussey got his half century off 77 balls and Australia lost their 5th wicket M North with just 2 runs at 66.1 and Australia went 226/5. At drinks Australia were 227/5 in 68 overs with Hussey 52* and Haddin 1*. Then Australia lost their 6th wicket Haddin with 15 runs at 74.6 overs and went 246/6.
250 came for Australia in 75.3 overs, before drinks Australia lost another wicket Johnson with 3 runs at 76.3 overs and Aus went 252/7. At drinks break Australia were 256/7 in 78 overs with Hussey 59* and Hauritz 3*. Their 8th wicket was Hauritz with 4 runs at 79.2 overs. Hussey and Siddle paired up and played till the end of Day 3's play. For Pakistan Danish Kaneria took 4 wickets, Umar Gul took 3 wickets and Asif 1 wicket.
At the stumps of Day 3 Australia were 286/8 in 87 overs with Hussey 73* and Siddle 10* and leading the 2nd innings by 80 runs.

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