Friday, January 22, 2010


In this fascinating world flowers are one of the most beautiful creation by God. The reason behind this comment is, from our ancient times flowers are used to express our feelings or emotions to other persons. Each and every flowers holds its own meaning or a feel for it. The well known flower would be ROSE, which is used to express our love to someone. But Roses have different meanings for them with respect to their color and stages. Let me tell about some of them,
Red Rose express love.
White Rose express eternal love, heavenly, innocence and silence.
Red & White Roses together express unity.
Pink Rose express perfect happiness or to tell please believe me.
Yellow Rose express friendship, try to care, jealousy.
Black Rose - Death.
Thornless Roses express love at first sight.
Rose Bud express beauty & youth.
Red Rose Bud express pure & lovely.
White Rose Bud express Girlhood.
A single full bloom Rose express I love you, I still love you.

Like this other flowers also holds a unique meanings for them. Every human in this world will have some love towards flowers because of their appearance, fragrance (smell) and some other characteristics. Because of these characteristics they get involved in every part of our life. We can't see a single celebrations without flowers decorated in that surroundings. Starting from birth of our life and till the death flowers travel with us. The flowers are used in different forms, one of the well known is  flower bouquets. The bouquets are used in birthday parties, weddings, in festival celebrations and in all our occasions. When coming to religious there too flowers plays a major part in the worshiping goddesses. Even most of the flowers holds an unique medicine values in them which are mostly used in the form of oils.

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