Monday, January 04, 2010

Australia vs Pakistan 2nd Test Match, Day 2

At Day 1's play Australia scored 127 runs in 44.2 overs and lost all their wickets, with the trail of 127 runs Pakistan started their 1st innings with Imran Farhat and Salman Butt. At the end of day 1's play Pakistan were 14/0 with Imran Farhat 9* and Salman Butt 3*.

In 2nd day's play Pakistan batsmen came well with bat and the opening partnership scored 109 runs. At lunch break Pakistan were 84/0 in 38 overs with Imran Farhat 34* & Salman Butt 26*, 100 runs came for Pakistan in 41.3 overs the first break through was given by N Hauritz who took Imran Farhat's wicket at 42.3 overs and Pakistan went 109/1, Imran Farhat scored 53 runs.
At drinks break Pakistan were 138/1 in 54 overs with Salman Butt 67* & Faisal Iqbal 7*. After drinks Pakistan lost their 2nd wicket Salman Butt with 71 runs at 56.6 overs and Pakistan went 144/2. Then 150 came for Pakistan in 59.5 overs. At tea break Pakistan were 190/2 in 66 overs with Faisal Iqbal 24* & Mohammad Yousuf 27*. In their Partnership almost 60 runs came and 200 runs came for Pakistan in 69.5 overs. Their 3rd wicket was Faisal Iqbal with 27 runs at 70.5 overs and Pakistan went 205/3.
Their 4th wicket was Mohammad Yousuf with 46 runs at 74.6 overs and Pakistan went 237/4. Then 250 came for Pakistan in 77.2 overs. At drinks break Pakistan were 256/4 in 78 overs with Umar Akmal 33* & Misbah-ul-Haq 8*. Before reaching 300 mark Pakistan lost 3 wickets, 5th wicket was Umar Akmal who went out with 1 run short off his half century with 49 runs at 84.3 overs and Pakistan went 277/5. Their 6th wicket was Misbah-ul-Haq with 11 runs at 86.1 overs and Pakistan went 286/6 and their 7th wicket was Kamran Akmal with 14 runs at 88.1 overs and Pakistan went 295/7.
Then 300 runs came for Pakistan in 88.6 overs. Then lost their 8th wicket Umar Gul with 12 runs at 93.5 overs and Pak went 323/8 and their 9th wicket was Mohammad Sami with 13 runs at 95.2 overs. For Australia D Bollinger took 3 wickets, M Johnson & S Watson each took 2 wickets and P Siddle & N Hauritz each took 1 wicket.
At the end of Day 2's play Pakistan were 331/9 in 96 overs with Danish Kaneria 2* and Mohammad Asif 0*. And Pakistan are 204 runs ahead.

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