Monday, November 30, 2009


Group Stage Team Standings after Matchday 5
Group A
FC Girondins de Bordeaux - 13
Juventus - 8
FC Bayern Munchen - 7
Maccabi Haifa FC - 0
Group B
ManU FC - 10
VfLWolfsburg - 7
PFC CSKA Moskva - 7
Besiktas JK - 4
Group C
Real Madrid CF - 10
AC Milan - 8
Olymopique de Marseille - 7
FC Zurich - 3
Group D
Chelsea FC - 13
FC Porto - 9
Club Atletico de Madrid- 3
Group E
ACF Fiorentina - 12
Olympique Lyonnais - 10
Liverpool FC - 7
Debreceni VSC - 0
Group F
FC Barcelona - 8
FC Internazionale Milano - 6
FC Rubin Kazan - 6
FC Dynamo Kyiv- 5
Group G
Sevilla FC - 10
FC Unirea Urziceni - 8
VfB Stuttgart - 6
Rangers FC - 2
Group H
Arsenal FC- 13
Olmpiacos FC - 7
R.Standard de Lia ge - 4
AZ Almaar- 3

Upcoming Matches
Matchday 6, 8th Dec

Group A
Juventus vs FC Bayern Munchen
Maccabi Haifa FC vs FC Girondins de Bordeaux

Group B
Besiktas JK vs PFC CSKA Moskva
VfLWolfsburg vs ManU FC

Group C
FC Zurich vs AC Milan
Olymopique de Marseille vs Real Madrid CF
Group D
Chelsea FC vs APOEL FC
Club Atletico de Madrid vs FC Porto

Matchday 6, 9th Dec
Group E
Liverpool FC vs ACF Fiorentina
Olympique Lyonnais vs Debreceni VSC

Group F
FC Internazionale Milano vs FC Rubin Kazan
FC Dynamo Kyiv vs FC Barcelona

Group G
VfB Stuttgart vs FC Unirea Urziceni
Sevilla FC vs Rangers FC

Group H
Olmpiacos FC vs Arsenal FC
R.Standard de Lia ge vs AZ Almaar

Sunday, November 29, 2009

South Africa vs England 4th ODI

The 4th ODI between South Africa and England was played today at St George's Park, Port Elizabeth. Toss was won by the home team South Africa and decide to bat first.

South Africa's Squad - Amla, Smith, de Villers, Duminy, Petersen, Boucher, McLaren, Botha, Parnell, M Morkel, Langeveldt.

England's Squad - Trott, Strauss, Pietersen, Collingwood, Morgan, Prior, Wright, Broad, Swann, Bresnan, Anderson.

Match Summary

As South Africa won the toss and decided to bat first, Amla and Smith entered the field to start South Africa's innings. The only good thing for the South Africans were their toss and after that nothing went good for them. They started to lose their batsman at a regular intervals. Their 1st wicket was at 1.2 overs when they lost their skipper Smith for just 2 runs and South Africa was 6/1. 2nd wicket was Amla with 11 runs at 6.6 overs South Africa were 24/2 and the wicket was taken by Anderson. 3rd wicket was Duminy who went out for 6 runs at 10.3 overs, South Africa were 35/3 and the wicket was taken by Anderson. 4th wicket was at 13.5 overs when de Villers went out for 22 runs , wicket was taken by Bresnan and South Africa were 55/4.

Then Petersen and Boucher joined the field and 23 runs came in their partnership and its was broken by Anderson at 20.6 overs when Boucher went out for 13 runs and South Africa were 78/5. Then again Anderson made the damage to the home side when McLaren went out with adding any runs at 22.5 overs and South Africa were 78/6. 7th wicket was Both at 26.2 overs with 1 run and South Africa were 84/7. Then 8th wicket went down for South Africa at 29.5 overs when Parnell went with 1 run and SA were 92/8. 9th wicket was M Morkel at 33.6 overs with 7 run and SA were 112/9. Last wicket was Petersen with 51 runs at 36.5 overs. South Africa was able to score only 119 runs, the only player who came well with bat was Peterson who scored 51 runs off 126 balls with 5-4's. Anderson was the bowler who made a major damage to the South African by picking 5 wickets, Broad and Collingwood each took 2 wickets and Bresnan took 1 wicket.

Then with the target of 120 England started their innings with Trott and Strauss, the openers played very well and scored 74 runs in their partnership in 16.5 overs and then Strauss went out with 32 runs and England were 74/1. The 2nd wicket was Petersen who went out with singel digit score 3 runs at 18.4 overs and England were 80/2. 3rd wicket was Collingwood who also went out in short time with 2 runs and England were 83/3. Then Morgan joined Trott and played till the end. Moran scored 28* runs and Trott scored 52*. For South Africa Botha took 2 wickets and McLaren 1 wicket.

England reached their traget at 31.2 overs by losing 3 wickets and won the 4th ODI by 7 wickets. Through this victory England lead the 5 match ODI series as 2-1. The player of the match award was given to Anderson for his 5 wicket haul.

5th ODI will be played at Durban on 4th Dec.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Australia vs West Indies 1st Test Match

1st test match between Australia and West Indies started on 26th Nov at Brisbane Cricket Ground. Australia won the toss and elected to bat first.

Australia's Squad - Watson, Katich, Ponting(Cap), Hussey, M Clarke, North, Haddin, Johnson, Hauritz, Siddle and Hilfenaus.

West Indies Squad - Gayle(Cap), Barath, Dowlin, D Bravo, Nash, Ramdin, Benn, Taylor, Roach, and Rampaul.

Australia started their 1st Innings on 26th Nov and at the stumps of day 1's play Australia managed to score 322 runs by losing 5 wickets in 90 overs with North 42* and Haddin 9* in the field. Australia resumed their 1st innings on the next day and scored 480 runs by losing 8 wickets and decided to declare their 1st innings at 135 overs. For Australia Katich scored 92, Ponting 55, Hussey 66, Clarke 41, North 79, Haddin 38, Johnson 7, Hauritz 50*, Siddle 20* and Watson went without scoring any runs. And for West Indies D Bravo picked up 3 wickets, Benn 2 wickets, Taylor, Roach and Rampul each took 1 wicket.

Then West Indies started their 1st innings, at stumps of day 2 West Indies were 134/5 with Dowlin 40* and Rmdin 22* in 39 overs, then resumed their 1st innings on Day 3 but they were not able to score more runs and started to loss their wickets in a regular interval and scored only 228 runs in 62.6 overs, also failed to avoid the follow on and were imposed by Australia to start the 2nd innings. For West Indies in 1st Innings Gayle scored 31, Barath 15, Dowlin 62, Chanderpaul 2, Bravo went out without scoring runs, Nash 18, Ramdin 54, Benn 28, Taylor 8, Roach no runs, Rampaul 1*. For Australia Johnson and Hauritz each took 3 wickets, Hilfenhaus 2 wickets, Watson and Siddle each took 1 wicket.

On day 3 West Indies started their 2nd innings and again it was not their day and lost all their wickets for just 187 runs. Through this Australia won their 1 test match by an innings and 65 runs. For West Indies Gayle scored 1, Barath 104, Dowlin 4, Chnderpaul 2*, Bravo 23, Nash 7, Ramdin 16, Taylor no runs, Benn 15*, Roach 5 and Rampaul went out without scoring any runs. And for Australia Hilfenhaus took 3 wickets, Watson and Hauritz each took 2 wickets, Hussey, Siddle and Johnson each took 1 wicket.

Barath got his maiden century and this was his debut match for him and Rampaul.

The player of the match award was given to Hilfenhaus for his 5 wicket.

Friday, November 27, 2009

India vs Sri Lanka 2nd Test Match, Day 4

India registered their 100th test victory by winning the 2nd Test Match against Sri Lanka. Its was a biggest margin win by India which was a Innings victory and also of 144 runs. Through this victory India went to the NO 1 spot in Test Match team table. The 2nd test match started on 24th Nov in which India won the toss and elected to bat first and they came well with bat, at the end of day 1's play India were 417/2, on day 2 India lost all their wickets by scoring 642. Then Sri Lanka started their 1st Innings and at the end of day 2's play Sri Lanka scored 66/1. And resumed their 1st innings on day 3 and was able to score only 229 runs and lost all their wickets and also failed to avoid the follow on and were imposed to start their 2nd innings, at the end of day 3's play Sri Lanka were 57/4, on day 4 Sri Lanka lost all their wickets by scoring just 269 runs.

Day 4's summary

Sri Lanka started their 2nd innings as 57/4 with Samaraweera 1* and Mathews 2* at 23 overs. Sri Lanka started their play with a positive approach but that was not for too long, remained only for 1.4 overs till the fall of Mathews wicket. Mathews went out at 24.4 overs by scoring 15 runs and Sri Lanka were 79/5. Then P Jayawardene came to field and joined Samaraweera, Then 100 run came for Sri Lanka at 29.2 overs and then 50 run partnership came between them in just 60 balls, at drinks Sri Lanka were 130/5 in 35 overs. After drinks break at 37.5 overs Sri Lanka lost their 6 wicket, P Jayawardene who went out for 29 runs and Sri Lanka were 140/6. Then comes Herath and 150 run came for Sri Lanka in 39.2 overs. And within a short time their lost another wicket, 7th wicket was Herath who went for 13 runs off 13 balls and Sri Lanka were 154/7 at 41.2 overs.
Then 8th wicket was Muralitharan with 29 runs of just 13 balls and Sri Lanka were 191/8 at 44.5 overs. Then Mendis joined Samaraweera and their partnership frustrated India in which 73 runs came between them and Samaraweera got his half century and at 64.2 overs their partnership was broken by Yuvraj when Mendis went out for 27 runs and Sri Lanka were 264/9. At 65.3 overs Sri Lanka lost all of their wickets and scored 269 runs with Samaraweera 78*. For India Bhaji took 3 wickets, Ojha 2 wickets, Zaheer, Sreesanth, Sehwag and Yuvraj each took 1 wicket.
Sreesanth was named as the Man of the match for his 6 wicket.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

India vs Sri Lanka 2nd Test Match, Day 3

At stumps of day 2 in the 2nd test match Sri Lanka were 66/1 with Pranavitana 30* and Sangakkara 30* in 24 overs. Today Sri Lanka resumed their play and India came too strong with the ball. The whole day's play was the Sreesanth's show who picked 6 wickets(5 in 1st innings and 1 in 2nd innings). After the start of today's play the 2nd wicket of Sri Lanka went sooner, Paranavitana went out for 38 runs at 29.2 overs. Then M Jayawrdene joined the skipper and in their partnership just 19 runs came and 3rd wicket Sangakkara went out for 44 runs at 33.4 overs and Sri Lanka were 101/3. Then Samaraweera came to field and was able to score only 2 runs and went out at 37.2 overs when Sri Lanka were 111/4. Then 33 runs came between M Jayawardene and Mathews partnership and their partnership was broken by Harbhajan at his very first over, when Mathews went out in 43,5 overs with 13 runs and Sri Lanka were 134/5. Then P Jayawardene joined M Jayawardene and builded a partnership of 60 runs, and after P Jayawardene went out with 39 runs at 66.6 overs and Sri Lanka were 194/6. After P Jayawardene's wicket nothing went right for them and lost their tail ends 4 wickets for just 35 runs. The 7th wicket was M Jayawardene who went out for 47 runs at 71.2 overs and Sri Lanka were 204/7, the 8th wicket was Herath with 11 runs at 74.4 overs and Sri Lanka were 216/8, the 9th wicket was Muralitharan with 6 runs at 78.6 overs and they were 219/9 and the last of Sri Lanka was Welegedara who went out for 7 runs at 83.6 overs and Sri Lanka ended their 1st innings with 229 runs, Sri Lanka failed to avoid follow on and India imposed them to start the 2nd innings with trail by 413 runs. For India in 1st innings Sreesanth made his 2nd 5 wicket haul in test match, Bhajii and Ojha bagged 2 wickets each and Zaheer took 1 wicket.

Then trailing by 413 runs Sri Lanka started their 2nd innings with Dilshan and paranavitana and again nothing went right for them and lost their 1st wicket Dilshan for just 11 runs and again the damage was by Sreesanth and Sri Lanka were 13/1 at 3.3 overs. Then Sangakkara joined Paranavitana and sooner they lost Paranavitana's wicket at 10.5 overs but this time the damage was by Sehwag and Sri Lanka were 37/2. Then M Jayawardene joined Sangakkara but M Jayawardene didn't stay for long and went out with just 10 runs at 18.3 overs and Sri Lanka were 54/3. Immediately after losing M Jayawardene's wicket Sri Lanka lost its skipper Sangakkara at 19.1 overs and he went out for 11 runs and Sri Lanka were 54/4. Then Samaraweera and Mathews joined and played till the end of today's play. At Stumps of day 3 Sri Lanka were 57/4 in 23 overs with Samaraweera 1* and Mathews 2*. For India Sreesanth, Bhajii and Sehwag each bagged 1 wicket in the 2nd innings.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

India vs Sri Lanka 2nd Test Match, Day 2

As India finished their first day's play in a strong position as 417/2 with Dravid 85* and Tendulkar 20* in 90 overs. Today India resumed their play and 50 run partnership came between Dravid and Sachin off 93 balls. Immediately Dravid scored his 28th century off 172 balls with 10-4's. Then 450 came for India in 99.2 overs. At 102.5 overs India lost master blaster's wicket when he was with 40 runs off 91 balls, and India were 464/3. After sachin's wicket Laxman joined Dravid and drinks break were announced at 104 overs when India were 470/3 with Dravid 116* and Laxman 1*.

Then 500 runs came at 110.1 overs for India, then India lost Dravid's wicket at 113.2 overs when he was with 144 runs and India were 511/4. Then Yuvraj joined Laxman , they both managed get their half centuries, Laxman scored his 50 off 92 balls and Yuvraj off 69 balls. With both of their partnership 600 came for India in 135.5 overs. Then India lost Laxman 63 at 141.1 overs when India were 613/5. Then Dhoni joined Yuvi, but after Laxmans wicket no other player stayed for a long time all went out with single digit runs. Dhoni went out at 145.2 overs with 4 runs, then Harbhajan went out for 5 runs at 149.4 overs 639/7, Yuvi went out for 67 runs at 152.2 overs 641/8, Zaheer went out for 1 run at 153.3 overs 641/9 and the last wicket was Sreesanth duck out . Finally India ended their 1st Innings with 642 runs in 154 overs at the run rate of 4.16.

For Sri Lanka Herath bagged 5 wickets, Mendis grabbed 2 wickets and Muralitharan 2 wickets.

Then Sri Lanka started their 1st Innings with Dilshan and Paranavitana, but Sri Lanka lost their 1st wicket Dilshan in the very first ball of the Innings from Zaheer Khan.

Then Sangakkara joined Paranavitana and played till the end of days play. At the 2nd day's play Sri Lanka were 66/1 with Paranavitana 30* and Sangakkara 30* off 24 overs. For India Zaheer took 1 wicket.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

India vs Sri Lanka 2nd Test Match, Day 1

After the first test ended in draw, both the team headed today for the second test match at Green Park, Kanpur. The second match will be played from today until 28th Nov.

For India Mishra and I Sharama were replaced by Ojha and Sreesanth.
India's Squad
Gambhir, Sehwag, Dravid, Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh, VVS Laxman, Dhoni(Cap & WK), Harbhajan Singh, PP Ojha, Zaheer Khan, Sreesanth.

For Sri Lanka Mendis replaced Prasad.
Sri Lanka's Squad
TM Dilshan, Paranavitana, Sangakkara(Cap), M Jayawardene, Samaraweera, Mathews, P Jayawardene, Mendis, Herath, Muralitharan, Welegedara.

India won the toss and elected to bat first, Sehwag and Gambhir headed to field to start India's Innings, Initially it was not a good start for sehwag with bat, were his catch was missed in slip for Zero, team India struggled to score runs till drinks with the fast bowlers. After drinks slow blowers were introduced in attack and both the batsman played their attacking game and scored 1100 run partnership in 21.2 overs, Before launch both Sehwag and Gambhir scored their 50 runs. At the time of launch India were 131/0 in 26 overs.

After launch they both continued their attacking, and Sehwag scored 100 runs for just 97 balls with 13-4's and 2-6's. Then 200 run partnership came between them in 37.5 overs. India lost their 1st wicket, Sehwag for 233 runs from 41.2 overs and drinks were announced, after drinks Dravid joined with Gambhir, and Gambhir scored his 100 off 132 balls with 10-4's. India's 300 run came in 57.3 overs, 350 came around 68 overs and Dravid got his half century off 98balls.

India lost their second wicket , Gambhir at 75.1 overs when he was with 167 runs. Then Sachin joined with Dravid and scored till the end of first day's play. At the end of day's play India were 417/2 in 90 overs with Dravid 85* and Sachin 20*.

For Sri Lanka Muralitharan took both the wickets.

Monday, November 23, 2009


21st Nov 2009, Saturday
Liverpool 2-2 Manchester City
Birmingham City 1-0 Fulham
Burnley 1-1 Aston Villa
Chelsea 4-0 Wolves
Hull City 3-3 West Ham Utd
Sunderland 1-0 Arsenal
Manchester Utd 3-0 Everton

22nd Nov 2009, Sunday
Bolton Wanderers 0-2 Blackburn Rovers
Tottenham Hotspur 9-1 Wigan Athletic
Stoke City 1-0 Portsmouth

Goal Scorer
Liverpool - Skrtel, Benayoun
Manchester City - Adebayor, Ireland
Birmingham City - Bowyer
Burnley - Caldwell
Aston Villa - Heskey
Chelsea - Malouda, Essien(2), Cole
Hull City - Cole(O.G), Zayatte, Bullard
West Ham Utd - Franco, Collison, Da Costa
Sunderland - Bent
Manchester Utd - Fletcher, Carrick, Valencia
Blackburn Rovers - Dunn, Ricketts(O.G)
Tottenham Hotspur - Crouch, Defoe(5), Lennon, Kirkland, Kranjcar
Wigan Athletic - Schamer
Stoke City - Fuller

This week Fixtures

25th Nov 2009, Wednesday
Hull City vs Everton
Fulham vs Blackburn Rovers

28th Nov2009, Saturday
Blackburn Rovers vs Stoke City
Fulham vs Bolton Wanderers
Manchester City vs Hull City
Portsmouth vs Manchester Utd
West Ham Utd vs Burnley
Wigan Athletic vs Sunderland
Aston Villa vs Tottenham Hotspur

Team Standings
Chelsea --- 33
ManU --- 28
Arsenal --- 25
Tottenham Hotspur --- 25
Aston Villa --- 22
Man City ---21
Liverpool --- 20
Sunderland --- 20
Stoke City --- 19
Burnley --- 17
Blackburn Rovers --- 16
Fulham --- 15
Birmingham City--- 15
Everton --- 15
Wigan Atheltic --- 14
Hull City --- 12
West Ham Utd --- 11
Bolton Wanderers --- 11
Wolverhampton Wanderers --- 10
Portsmouth ---7

Sunday, November 22, 2009

England vs South Africa 2nd ODI

The second match of the England South Africa ODI series held today at SuperSport Park, Centurion. The visitors England won the toss and invited the home side South Africa to bat first.

South Africa's Squad: Amla, Smith, de Villers, Duminy, Petersen, McLaren, Morkel, Boucher, Van der Merwe, Steyn and Langeveldt.

England's Squad: Trott, Strauss, Pietersen, Collingwood, Morgan, Prior, Wright, Bresnan, Rashid, Mahmood and Anderson.

South Africa scored 250 runs in 50 over by lossing 9 wickets. For South Africa Amla scored 57 off 72 balls, Duminy scored 41 off 47 balls, Petersen scored 64 off 65 balls and Boucher scored 30* off 37 balls. And for England Anderson took 3 wickets for 60 runs in 10 overs, Bresnan took 2 wickets for 46 runs in 10 overs, Collingwood grabbed 2 wickets for 24 runs from 6 overs and Mahmood and Wright each took 1 wicket.

With traget of 251 England entered the field and scored 252 from 46 overs and won the 2nd ODI by 7 wickets.

For England, Collingwood's and Trott leaded their team for victory with 162 runs partnership. Collingwood made his 5th ODI century, he scored 105 off 110 balls with 7-4's and 2-6's , Trott made 87 runs off 119 balls with 8-4's, Morgan made 27 off 18 balls with 4-4's and 1-6's. And for South Africa Langeveldt took 2 wickets and Morkel 1 wicket.

Collingwood was named as man of the match for his brilliant 105 and getting 2 wickets.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kallis Out of England Series

Kallis was recently suffered from back injury, which was since the Champions League in India were he played for Royal Challengers Bangalore, he was too careless about the pain, had also taken a treatment for the time being and the team noticed there was no end for it. So they scheduled for a re-scanning and that happened today morning, in which they found there is a fracture in the cartilage of the ribs. This injury will lead him to be out of action for at least four weeks and not sure how fast he recover from it. So he has been ruled out of ODI series against England and most probably will also miss the first test match which starts at 16th Dec.Mickey Arthur, the coach of South African team, on a press meet said about the kallis injury.
The team would have planned for Kallis to open the match with Smith for them, but it will not be simple for the team to find a replacement for kallis. The team will have a big problem because of Kallis absence since they will miss one of the worlds best All-Rounder from their side. Most probably Amla will be the replacement for him but the team selector will be also have Loots Bosman in their mind for a replacement, who had recently showed his ability in the T20 series against England and by scoring 94 runs in 45balls against them in the second T20 match.

Friday, November 20, 2009

India vs Sri Lanka 1st Test Match, Final Day

India finished their 4th Day's play as 190/2 in 45 0vers with Gambhir 74* and Mishra 12* runs. The final day of the first test match was played today , as India started their play with Gambhir and Mishra in field. But the night watchman was not able to be in field for long and went out with 24 runs when India were 209/3 off 55.6 overs. Then Sachin, The Little Master came to field with just 35 runs short for his 30,000 runs of his cricket career. Gambhir scored his ton off 188 balls with 12-4's. Then launch break was announced when India were 256/3 in 74 overs with Gambhir 105* and Tendulkar 26*. Immideately after launch break India lost Gambhir's wicket in the last ball of 79th over by Herath when India were 275/4. After the loss of Gauti Laxman joined with Sachin. Sachin scored his 30,000 at 88.2 overs against Welegedara by getting a single.
India attained the margin of 300 runs in 90.3 overs off 553 balls. After that sachin scored 50 runs off 127 balls and 50 run partnership came between the both in 115 balls sachin contributing 20 runs, Laxman 16 runs and 14 runs came in extras. At tea break India were 341/4 for 104 over with Sachin 55* and Laxman 28*. After tea 100 run partnership came for them off 209 balls. Then Laxman Scored his half century in 132 balls. 400 runs came for India in 122.3 overs and after Sachin scoring his 43rd test century off 211 balls with 11-4's, Umpire's declared the match was ended in draw. The next test match will be played at Kanpur from 24th Nov to 28th Nov.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

India vs Sri Lanka 1st Test Match, Day 4

As Sri Lanka gave a pause to their 1st innings at the end of day 3 as 591/5, and came strong to the field to continue their innings with M Jayawardene and P Jayawardene. M Jayawardene looked to be too strong and constructed his 250 runs. Sri Lanka attained the margin of 700 in 187.6 overs. Nothing were went good to Indian bowlers but surprisingly , Mishra came good ant managed to grab M Jayawardene's Wicket when he was at 275 runs off 435 balls with 27-4's and 1-6, and at that time Sri Lankan's were 726/6 at 193.5 overs. The team waited for P Jayawardene to get his 150+ runs and sent Prasad to support him on the field, undoubtedly he made his job very well and P Jayawardene got his 150 runs off 302 balls with 11-4's. Then Sri Lankan's decided to declare their innings when they lost Prasad's wicket at 202.4 overs when they were at 760 for 7 wickets.

India started their second innings with trail of 335 runs, Gambhir and Sehwag headed to field and batted very well, till at the time of tea break India were 77/0 in 16.0 overs with Gambhir 22* and Sehwag 47*. After coming from drinks break Sehwag got his 50 runs off 63 balls. But Sri Lankan blower's didn't allow him to stay for too long and Herath took his wicket at 16.6 overs when India were 81/1. Then Dravid came to field to join Gambhir and they two scored 89 runs and India lost Dravid's wicket at 40.1 overs with Dravid at 38 runs. A Mishra was sent to the field as Night Watchman and he managed to stay still the end of Day 4. At the end of day 4's play India were 190/2 in 45 overs with Gambhir 74* and A Mishra 12*.

For Sri Lanka Welegedara and Herath each took 1 wicket.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

India vs Sri Lanka 1st Test Match, Day 3

At the end of day two Sri Lanka finished their play as 275/3 with Jayawardene 36* and Samaraweera 45* for 70 overs. Today they continued their 1st Innings, they both Jayawardene and Samaraweera played well builed a partnership of about 138 runs and then Sri Lanka lost Samaraweera at 86.4 overs when they were 332/4. Then Mathews joined with Jayawardene and scored 43 runs of partnership and their partnership was broken by Harbhajan Singh when Mathews was caught out by Gambhir at 96.2 overs when they were 375/5.
At launch Sri Lanka were 375/5 with M Jayawardene in the field scoring 86 runs. After the launch break Prasana Jayawardene came out to bat. Jayawardene got his 100 for 151 balls with 10-4's and 1-6. Sri Lqnka attained the score of 400 runs at 100.6 overs, M Jayawardene again shared 100 runs of partnership with P Jayawardene too. Indian bowlers struggled too hard to break their partnership but they failed to do it. Sri Lanka attained the margin of 500 runs in 128.5 overs. At the over of 151 drinks break was announced when Sri Lanka were 564/5. Both the Jayawardene's managed to construct a partnership of 200 runs. At the end of day three Sri Lanka were 591/5. With M Jaywardene 204* and P Jayawardene 84*.

For India I Sharm took Samaraweera and Harbhajan took Mathews wickets.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

India vs Sri Lanka 1st Test Match, Day 2

The first days play of India ended as 385 for 6 wickets, with Dravid and Bahji in the field scoring Dravid- 177 1nd Bhaji- 2, with this 177 runs Dravid managed to reach 11000 runs in test cricket.

India started to countinue their 1st innings in day 2 , but were able to destruct the Dravid's well constructed 177 very early, Dravid went out without adding any runs in day 2 at 92.4 0vers by welegedara blowing out him. Then Zaheer Khan came into field to join Bhaji and that partnership doesn't sustained for long time since India lost their 8th wicket Khan(12) at 101.2 overs when India were 414/8. Then India lost their last 2 wickets in quicker time by scoring 426 runs for 104.5 overs at the run rate of 4.06 runs per over.Bhaji Scored 22 runs, Mishra- 7* and Sharma went out without scoring runs.

For the Sri Lanka Welegedara took 4 wickets, Muralitharan- 3 wickets, Prasad- 2 wickets and Herath - 1 wicket.

Then Sri Lanka started their 1st innings with Dilshan and Paranavitana. Indian bowlers were not good with their ball and Sri Lanka lost 1st wicket Paranavitana- 35 runs at 16.5 over when Sri Lanka were 74 for 1. Then the captain Sangakkara joined with Dilshan and build ed a partnership of over 100 runs. Dilshan scored his maiden 100 in India for just 120 balls, later he went out for 112 runs at 43.1 overs when they were 189 runs for two wickets. After losing Dilshan's wicket the skipper Sangakkara didn't sustained too long and got out for 31 runs at 45.3 overs as 194/3. After that Jayawardene and Samaraweera batted till the end of day two by scoring 36 and 45 runs respectively. Sri Lanka finished with 275 runs by just losing 3 wickets. For India Zaheer bagged two wickets and Sharma 1 wicket.

Monday, November 16, 2009

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India vs Sri Lanka 1st Test Match, Day 1

The first test match of the 3 match series between India and Sir Lanka started today at Sardar Patel Stadium, Motera, Ahmedabad.

Playing 11's for the team are

India - MS Dhoni(cap), Gambhir, Sehwag, Dravid, Tendulkar, Laxman, Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh, Zaheer Khan, Ishanth Sharma, Mishra

Sri Lanka - Sangakkara(cap), Dilshan, Paranavitana, M Jayawardene, P Jayawardene, Samaraweera, Mathews, Prasad, Herath, Muralitharan, Welegedara.

India won the toss and elected to bat first. India lost their 1st wicket at 2.5 overs, Gambhir(1) got bowled out by Welegedara because of the thin inside edge at that stage India were 14/1. Then comes Dravid the great wall of India in 3rd position. This time India lost 2 wickets in the 7th over again to welegedara, the 2nd wicket was Sehwag (16-lbw)at 6.1 and the 3rd wicket was master blaster Sachin(4) who was bowled out at 6.4 overs at the end of 7 overs India were 31/3. The 4th wicket went at the next over and now it was Prasad who got Laxman(0) bowled out at 7.4 over before drinks India lost 4 wickets for 47 runs. Then the partnership started to build up between Dravid and Yuvraj and the pair scored 125 runs when yuvraj(68) was caught by Dilshan bowled by Muralitharan, India lost 5th wicket at 36.1 over for 157 runs. Again Dravid managed to start a partnership with Dhoni and they scored 224 runs and Dhoni left the field for 110 runs at 87.1 over and India were 381. Bhajii joined with Dravid and played the remaining overs till end of day 1.

Dravid Scored 177 runs(not out) through which he attained 11000 runs in test cricket and became the fifth player to reach 11000 runs in the test cricket. Through this ton he got his 27th century and 10th 150+ runs. Through his two 100 runs partnership with Yuvraj and Dhoni he also made an record for hold 78 100 runs partnership.

The first day of 1st match was all belonged to Dravid for his 177* runs with 26-4's and 1-6's. At the end of day one India were 385 for 6 wicket with Dravid(177*) and Bhaji(2*).

Sunday, November 15, 2009

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

20 Years of Sachin's Era

Name : Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar
Born : 24th April 1973, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Debut to Cricket : 15th Nov 1989

Sachin Tendulkar made his debut to cricket field at the age of 16 against Pakistan 15th Nov 1989. At his debut match he was hitted by a bouncer from Waqar Younis which and continued to play with bleeding nose and blood-soaked shirt. His first Test hundred came at Old Trafford at the age of 17 against England which was a match saving innings. Following that his two centuries as 19 year old in Australia series rose him to stature. After that he had created many history's with his bat. Some of his records are

Most runs in career 29961 runs with Avg 48.24, Highest Score of 248*.
Most Hundreds in career 87 - 100's
Most 90's in career 24- 90's
Most 4's in career 35550+
TEST MATCH RECORDS (Debut : Versus Pakistan in 15th Nov 1989)
Most runs in career 12773 runs with Avg 54.58 and highest score of 248*.
Most Centuries in career 42
Most 50+ runs in career 95 which include 42-100's and 53-50's
Most 4's in career 1676+ 4's
Fastest to reach 8000 runs, which he scored in 154 innings
Only player to score 12000 runs which came at his 247th innings.

ODI CAREER RECORDS (Debut : Versus Pakistan 18th Dec 1989)
Most runs in career 17178 runs with Avg of 44.50 and highest score of 186*
Most hundreds in career 45-100's
Most hundreds in a calender year 9-100's which came in the yeat 1998
Most fifties in career 91-50's
Most 50+ runs in career 136
Most 4's in career 1872 4's
Most player of the match awards 60 awards
Most player of the series awards 14 awards
Most consecutive matches for a team - 185 matches from 25th April 1990 to 24th April 1998
Most centuries against single opposition team- against Australia 9 100's and also holds second place with 8 100's against Sri Lanka
Most 90's in career 17
Fastest to reach 10000 runs which came in 259 innings
Fastest to reach 11000 runs which came in 276 innings
Fastest to reach 12000 runs which came in 300
Fastest to reach 13000 runs which came in 321 innings
Only player to reach 14000+ runs.
Dismissed at 99 runs 3 times

The biggest compliment to his batting came from Sir Donald Bradman himself in 1999 when he said that Tendulkar's style of playing resembled his style. "That touch I used to feel when I batted", he had said.

Friday, November 13, 2009



Sri Lanka had already started their tour in India. They had been schedule to play from Nov 11th to Dec 27. The teams will play 3 test matches, 2 T20 and % ODI'S. The practice match for Sri Lanka against BCCI President's Xl as already been cancelled due to grounds bad condition.

The test match is scheduled to start from Nov 16th to Dec 6th.

Match Schedules
1st Test Match at Ahmedabad, Nov 16-20
2nd Test Match at Kanpur, Nov 24- 28
3rd Test Match at Mumbai, Dec 2-6

1st T20 Day Night match at Nagpur, Dec 9th
2nd T20 Day Night match at Mohali, Dec 12th

1st ODI at Rajkot, Dec 15th
2nd ODI Day Night match at Visakhapatnam, Dec 18th
3rd ODI at Cuttack, Dec 21st
4th ODI at Kolkata, Dec 24th
5th ODI at Delhi, Dec 27th

India's Test Squad, India had named 15 member squad for the first 2 test matches - MS Dhoni(cap), Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Harbhajan Singh, VVS Laxman, Yuvraj Singh, Gautam Gambhir, Virender Sehwag, Zaheer Khan, Ishant Sharma, Sreesanth, Badrinath, Amit Mishra,Murali Vijay and Pragyan Ojha.

Sri Lanka's Test Squad- Sangakkara(Cap), Rangana Herath, P Jayawardene(WK), Nuwan Kulasekara, Dilshan, M Jayawardene, Muralitharan, Ajantha Mendis, Kandamby, Angelo Mathews, Paranavitana, Dammika Prasad, Kaushal Silva, Samaraweera, Thushara and Chanaka Welegedara.

Sri Lanka's ODI Squad - Sangakkara(Cap), Sanath Jayasuriya, Nuwan Kulasekara, Dilshan, M Jayawardene, Muralitharan, Ajantha Mendis, Kandamby, Samaraweera, Angelo Mathews, Dilhara Fernando, Kapugedera, Malinga, Upul Tharanga and Thushara.

Sri Lanka's T20 Squad - Sangakkara(Cap), Sanath Jayasuriya, Nuwan Kulasekara, Dilshan, M Jayawardene, Muralitharan, Ajantha Mendis, Angelo Mathews, Malinga, Kapugedera, Chinthaka Jayasinghe, Muthumudalige Pushpakumara, Thushara, Chanaka Welegedara and Kaushalya Weeraratne.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hannover prepares for Enke's Funeral

The former Hannover and Germany's goalkeeper Robert Enke committed suicide on Tuesday evening by getting struck with a regional train travelling between Hannover and Norddeich at a railway crossing in Neustadt am Rubenberge. The reason behind Emke was his depression, the 32 year old Enke was suffering from depression since his daughter Lara's death in 2006. Teresa explained the media that he was suffering from depression since our biological daughter Lara's death , who died due to rare heart disease at the age of 2 in 2006 and was feared of loosing our adopted daughter if his illness becomes a public issue. The only thing that helped him was the football training. I always wanted to help him but he didn't.

Robert Enke's private funeral will be held with the public presence in Hannover's Neidersachsen on sunday, where the complete Germany team will make their presence along with 50000 mourners. Heading friendly match between Germany and Chile his being called off. This tragedy lives the world football in sadness and its not so easy for the world to come out of this. Let us too pray for his soul to Rest In Peace.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Team Standings League Table with points, 11 Sep

Chelsea --- 30
Arsenal --- 25
ManU --- 25
Tottenham Hotspur --- 22
Aston Villa --- 21
Man City ---20
Liverpool --- 19
Sunderland --- 17
Stoke City --- 16
Burnley --- 16
Fulham --- 15
Everton --- 15
Wigan Atheltic --- 14
Blackburn Rovers --- 13
Birmingham City--- 12
Bolton Wanderers --- 11
Hull City --- 11
West Ham Utd --- 10
Wolverhampton Wanderers --- 10
Portsmouth ---7

This weekend matches

21st Nov, Saturday
Liverpool vs Manchester City
Birmingham City vs Fulham
Burnley vs Aston Villa
Chelsea vs Wolverhampton Wanderers
Hull City vs West Ham Utd
Sunderland vs Arsenal
ManU vs Everton

22nd Nov, Sunday
Bolton Wanderers vs Blackburn Rovers
Tottenham Hotspur vs Wigan Athletic

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Group satge standings with points after Matchday 4, Nov 3rd & 4th

Group A

FC Girondins de Bordeaux - 10
Juventus - 8
FC Bayern Munchen - 4
Maccabi Haifa FC - 0

Group B
ManU FC - 10
VfLWolfsburg - 7
PFC CSKA Moskva - 4
Besiktas JK - 1

Group C
AC Milan - 7
Real Madrid CF - 7
Olymopique de Marseille - 6
FC Zurich - 3

Group D
Chelsea FC - 10
FC Porto - 9
Club Atletico de Madrid- 2

Group E
Olympique Lyonnais - 10
ACF Fiorentina - 9
Liverpool FC - 4
Debreceni VSC - 0

Group F
FC Internazionale Milano - 6
FC Rubin Kazan - 5
FC Barcelona - 5
FC Dynamo Kyiv- 4

Group G
Sevilla FC - 10
FC Unirea Urziceni - 5
VfB Stuttgart - 3
Rangers FC - 2

Group H
Arsenal FC- 10
Olmpiacos FC - 6
R.Standard de Lia ge - 4
AZ Almaar- 2

Upcoming group Stage Matches - Matchday 5 --- 24th & 25th Nov

24th Nov Matches
Group E
Debreceni VSC vs Liverpool FC
ACF Fiorentina vs Olympique Lyonnais

Group F
FC Rubin Kazan vs FC Dynamo Kyiv
FC Barcelona vs FC Internazionale Milano
Group G
Rangers FC vs VfB Stuttgart
FC Unirea Urziceni vs Sevilla FC

Group H
AZ Almaar vs Olmpiacos FC
Arsenal FC vs R.Standard de Lia ge

25th Nov matches
Group A
FC Girondins de Bordeaux vs Juventus
FC Bayern Munchen vs Maccabi Haifa FC

Group B
PFC CSKA Moskva vs VfLWolfsburg
ManU FC vs Besiktas JK

Group C
Real Madrid CF vs FC Zurich
AC Milan vs Olymopique de Marseille
Group D
FC Porto vs Chelsea FC
APOEL FC vs Club Atletico de Madrid


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Monday, November 02, 2009


Matchday 4, 3rd Nov, Tue

Group A
FC Bayern Munchen VS FC Girondins de Bordeaux
Maccabi Haifa FC VS Juventus

Group B
Manchester Utd FC VS PFC CSKA Moskva
Besiktas JK VS VfL Wolfsburg

Group C
AC Milan VS Real Madrid CF
Olympique de Marseille VS FC Zurich

Group D
Club Atletico de Madrid VS Chelsea FC

Matchday 4, 4th Nov, Wed

Group E
ACF Fiorentina VS Debreceni VSC
Olympique Lyonnais VS Liverpool FC

Group F
FC Rubin Kazan VS FC Barcelona
FC Dynamo Kyiv VS FC Internazionale Milano

Group G
FC Unirea Urziceni VS Rangers FC
Sevilla FC VS VfB Stuttgart

Group H
Arsenal FC VS AZ Alkmaar
R. Standard de Liege VS Olympiacos FC

Sunday, November 01, 2009


Sebastian Vettel clinches his 4th title of this season by getting his podium in the inagural Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

1- Sebastian Vettel --- RBR-Renault
2- Mark Webber ------- RBR-Renault
3- Jenson Button ------- Brawn-Mercedes
4- Rubens Barrichello--- Brawn-Mercedes
5- Nick Heidfeld -------- BMW Sauber
6- Kamui Kobayashi ---- Toyota
7- Jarno Trulli ---------- Toyota
8- Sebastien Buemi ----- STR-Ferrari