Wednesday, November 18, 2009

India vs Sri Lanka 1st Test Match, Day 3

At the end of day two Sri Lanka finished their play as 275/3 with Jayawardene 36* and Samaraweera 45* for 70 overs. Today they continued their 1st Innings, they both Jayawardene and Samaraweera played well builed a partnership of about 138 runs and then Sri Lanka lost Samaraweera at 86.4 overs when they were 332/4. Then Mathews joined with Jayawardene and scored 43 runs of partnership and their partnership was broken by Harbhajan Singh when Mathews was caught out by Gambhir at 96.2 overs when they were 375/5.
At launch Sri Lanka were 375/5 with M Jayawardene in the field scoring 86 runs. After the launch break Prasana Jayawardene came out to bat. Jayawardene got his 100 for 151 balls with 10-4's and 1-6. Sri Lqnka attained the score of 400 runs at 100.6 overs, M Jayawardene again shared 100 runs of partnership with P Jayawardene too. Indian bowlers struggled too hard to break their partnership but they failed to do it. Sri Lanka attained the margin of 500 runs in 128.5 overs. At the over of 151 drinks break was announced when Sri Lanka were 564/5. Both the Jayawardene's managed to construct a partnership of 200 runs. At the end of day three Sri Lanka were 591/5. With M Jaywardene 204* and P Jayawardene 84*.

For India I Sharm took Samaraweera and Harbhajan took Mathews wickets.

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