Saturday, November 28, 2009

Australia vs West Indies 1st Test Match

1st test match between Australia and West Indies started on 26th Nov at Brisbane Cricket Ground. Australia won the toss and elected to bat first.

Australia's Squad - Watson, Katich, Ponting(Cap), Hussey, M Clarke, North, Haddin, Johnson, Hauritz, Siddle and Hilfenaus.

West Indies Squad - Gayle(Cap), Barath, Dowlin, D Bravo, Nash, Ramdin, Benn, Taylor, Roach, and Rampaul.

Australia started their 1st Innings on 26th Nov and at the stumps of day 1's play Australia managed to score 322 runs by losing 5 wickets in 90 overs with North 42* and Haddin 9* in the field. Australia resumed their 1st innings on the next day and scored 480 runs by losing 8 wickets and decided to declare their 1st innings at 135 overs. For Australia Katich scored 92, Ponting 55, Hussey 66, Clarke 41, North 79, Haddin 38, Johnson 7, Hauritz 50*, Siddle 20* and Watson went without scoring any runs. And for West Indies D Bravo picked up 3 wickets, Benn 2 wickets, Taylor, Roach and Rampul each took 1 wicket.

Then West Indies started their 1st innings, at stumps of day 2 West Indies were 134/5 with Dowlin 40* and Rmdin 22* in 39 overs, then resumed their 1st innings on Day 3 but they were not able to score more runs and started to loss their wickets in a regular interval and scored only 228 runs in 62.6 overs, also failed to avoid the follow on and were imposed by Australia to start the 2nd innings. For West Indies in 1st Innings Gayle scored 31, Barath 15, Dowlin 62, Chanderpaul 2, Bravo went out without scoring runs, Nash 18, Ramdin 54, Benn 28, Taylor 8, Roach no runs, Rampaul 1*. For Australia Johnson and Hauritz each took 3 wickets, Hilfenhaus 2 wickets, Watson and Siddle each took 1 wicket.

On day 3 West Indies started their 2nd innings and again it was not their day and lost all their wickets for just 187 runs. Through this Australia won their 1 test match by an innings and 65 runs. For West Indies Gayle scored 1, Barath 104, Dowlin 4, Chnderpaul 2*, Bravo 23, Nash 7, Ramdin 16, Taylor no runs, Benn 15*, Roach 5 and Rampaul went out without scoring any runs. And for Australia Hilfenhaus took 3 wickets, Watson and Hauritz each took 2 wickets, Hussey, Siddle and Johnson each took 1 wicket.

Barath got his maiden century and this was his debut match for him and Rampaul.

The player of the match award was given to Hilfenhaus for his 5 wicket.

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