Thursday, February 18, 2010

India vs South Africa 2nd Test Match Day 5

At stumps of Day 4 South Africa were 115/3 with H Amla 49* & A Prince0* in 35 overs and still trailing by 232 runs in the 2nd innings. Were India in need of 7 more wickets to get a innings victory.

Match Result:
India won the 2nd Test Match by an innings and 57 runs. H Amla was named as the player of the match for his 237 runs( 114 & 123*)

Series Result:
2 Test Match series end up in draw as 1-1 and H Amla was named as the player of the series for his 490 runs. 253* in 1st test match and 237 runs in 2nd test match(114 & 123*).

Day 5 Play's Summary:
H Amla and A Prince resumed their 2nd innings play on Day 5. H Amla reached his half century mark on 90 balss with 7-4's. At drinks break South Africa were 133/3 in 48 overs with H Amla 56* and A Prince 10*. After drinks South Africa reached his 150 runs mark in 54.1 overs. Then again at drinks break South Africa were 157/3 in 60 overs with H Amla 66* and A Prince 23*.

After drinks just 10 overs were bowled before lunch break, in that 10 overs India managed to pick 2 wickets, South Africa lost their 4th wicket A Prince with 23 runs at 61.4 overs and went 158/4, then their 5th wicket was AB de Villers with just 3 runs at 68.1 overs and SA went 164/5. Then at lunch break South Africa stayed 164/5 in 70 overs with H Amla 68* and JP Duminy 0*.  After lunch they lost their 6th wicket JP Duminy with 6 runs at 73.6 overs and went 172/6. After adding just 8 runs to their score board South Africa lost their 7th wicket D Steyn with 1 run at 77.6 overs and went 180/7. 

At drinks break South Africa were 196/7 in 86 overs with H Amla 75* & W Parnell 10*. After coming from drinks break South Africa reached the mark of 200 runs in 86.6 overs. Then H Amla reached his century off 268 balls with 13-4's. H Amla and W Parnell paired up and played a fine innings by adding 70 runs in their partnership. For South Africa 250 runs came at 98.2 overs. At tea break South Africa were 250/7 in 99 overs with H Amla 106* & W Parnell 22*. At 102.2 overs South Africa lost their 8th wicket W Parnell with 22 runs and went 250/8. After adding 16 more runs they lost another wicket 9th P Harris with 4 runs at 110.5 overs and went 264/9. 

At drinks break South Africa were 269/9 in 118 overs with H Amla 116* and M Morkel 4*. The pair added 26 runs in their partnership and at 131.3 overs South Africa lost their last wicket M Morkel with 12 runs and lost the 2nd Test Match by an innings and 57 runs. H Amla remained unbeaten with 123* runs. For India Harbhajan Singh picked 5 wickets, A Mishra 3 wickets and I Shrama 2 wickets.

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