Friday, February 12, 2010

Cricket in 2020 Olympic??

During a meeting at Vancouver ahead of 2010 Winter Olympics, the chairman of International Olympic Committee Mark Adams said, the International Olympic Committee(IOC) had voted International Cricket Council(ICC)  for its approval to be a part in 2020 Olympic. Now International Cricket Council is as an approved recognized federation of Olympic. The Twenty20 format of cricket is likely to be a part in 2020 Olympic. Also added that ICC can take part in the International Olympic Committee events and can now bid to join the 2020 Olympic. Even power boating and sport climbing had got its approval along with cricket.

In the past cricket had got its recognition status in 2007 to bid for its place in Olympics, but Cricket is still facing a strong battle from other games such as baseball, golf, karate which are also trying to be a part of Olympic. Its now all upto the International Cricket Council to bid for their place in the 2020 Olympics. In the past Cricket had been a part of Olympics in 1900. In this year Asian Games cricket will be a part of it, which will take place at Guangzhou, China.

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