Thursday, December 03, 2009

India vs Sri Lanka 3rd Test Match, Day 2

Sehwag's double ton(284*) helped India to score 400+ runs in the second day of the 3rd test match. At the stumps of day 1 Sri Lanka were 366/8 in 89 overs with Mathews 86* and Muralitharan 0*. Today Sri Lanka resumed their 1st innings and they were able to score only 27 runs and lost all their wickets in 94.4 overs. Their 9th wicket was Mathews in 92.4 overs who went out with 99 runs and Sri Lanka were 379/9. Then their last wicket was Welegedara with 8 runs in 94.4 overs with Muralitharan remained not out with 4 runs and Sri Lanka were 393.

With the trail of 393 runs Sehwag and M Vijay entered the field to start the 1st innings for India. Both the openers played extremely well, 50 runs came for India in 9.4 overs with Vijay 20* and Sehwag 29*, then half century came for Sehwag off 54 balls with 5-4's & 2-6's. At lunch India were 92/0 in 18 overs with Vijay 39* & Sehwag 53*. After lunch break 100 runs came for India in 19.2 overs. Then Vijay too scored 50 runs off 79 balls with 6-4's & 1-6's. Before drinks 150 runs came for India in 29.4 overs and at drinks break India were 167/0 in 31 overs with Sehwag 92* and Vijay 70*.
After drinks break Sehwag got his 17th test ton off just 101 balls which includes 13-4's & 3-6's. Then 200 runs came for India in 36.4 overs and in 39.1 overs India lost his 1st wicket M Vijay, who went out for 87 runs with 10-4's & 1-6's and India were 221/1. Sehwag and Murali scored 221 runs in their partnership and it was broken by Herath. Then Dravid paired up with Sehwag they both played till the end off 2 days play. 250 runs came for India in 44.1 overs and then Sehwag scored 150 runs off just 130 balls with 19-4's & 5-6's.
At tea break India were 260/1 in 45 overs with Sehwag 151* & Dravid 17*. After drinks break 300 runs came for India in 53.6 overs. Then before drinks break Sehwag scored his double ton off just 168 balls with 27-4's & 6-6's. At drinks break India were 330/1 in 57 overs with Sehwag 202* and Dravid 35*. Then 350 runs came for India in 60.3 overs. Then 150 runs came between Sehwag and Dravid's partnership off 148 balls. After the drinks break Sehwag scored 250 runs off just 207 balls with 35-4's & 7-6's. 400 runs came for India in 68.1 overs and then Dravid got his half century off 94 balls. At stumps of day 2 India were 443/1 in 79 overs with Sehwag 284* & Dravid 62*. 222 runs came between Sehwag and Dravid's partnership.

For Sri Lanka Herath took 1 wicket.

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