Saturday, December 05, 2009

India vs Sri Lanka 2nd Test Match, Day 4

At the stumps of day 3 India Sri Lanka were 11/0 in 3 overs with Dilshan 3* & Paranavitana 8*. Sri Lanka trailing by 322 runs, started their 2nd innings today and scored 263 runs in Day 4.

India came very well with the ball and got Dilshan's wicket in the 9th over by Harbhajan, Dilshan went with 16 runs and Sri Lanka were 29/1. The the skipper Sangakkara and Paranavitana paired up and played very well and scored 90 runs in their partnership. At drinks Sri Lanka were 48/1 in 17 overs with Paranavitana 21* & Sangakkara 7*. 50 runs came for SL in 18.2 overs. At lunch break Sri Lanka were 84/1 in 31 overs with Paranavitana 42* and Sangakkara 22*.
After lunch 100 runs came for Sri Lanka in 39.5 oners and 50 runs came for Paranavitana off 134 balls. in 45.3 overs Sri Lanka lost their 2nd wicket Paranavitana with 54 runs and Sri Lanka were 119/2. At drinks break Sri Lanka were 125/2 in 48 overs with Sangakkara 44* & M Jayawardene 5*. Then 50 runs came for Sangakkara in 145 balls. Sri Lanka then lost their 3rd wicket M Jayawardene with 12 runs in 53.4 overs and Sri Lanka were 135/3. Immediately after losing M Jayawardene's wicket Sri Lanka lost their 4th wicket Samaraweera in 57.6 overs who went out without scoring any runs and SL were 137/4. Then Mathews joined with skipper and just scored 5 runs and went out in 60.5 overs and Sri Lanka went 144/5. 200 runs came for SL in 72.1 overs.and in 75.3 over.
At tea break Sri Lanka were 206/5 in 74 overs with Sangakkara 81* & P Jayawardene 30* and 64 runs came in the partnership of Sangakkara & P Jayawardene , Sri Lanka lost their 6th wicket P Jayawardene with 32 runs in 75.3 overs and Sri Lanka were 208/6. Then Kulasekara paired with Sangakkara and played till the end of today's play. 100 runs came for Sangakkara in 225 balls, 250 came for Sri Lanka in 85.5 overs. Then 50 runs came in the Partnership off 68 balls. At the stumps of day 4 Sri Lanka were 274/6 in 93 overs with Sangakkara 133* & Kulasekara 9* and still trailing by 86 runs.
For India Z Khan & Ojha each took 2 wickets, Sreesanth & Bhaji each took 1 wicket.

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